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    Curly Seasoned French Fries (basket) $3.77 French Fries(basket) $2.83 Waffle Fries (basket) $3.77
    Cheese Fries (w/Cheddar) $3.77 Mozzy Fries (melted mozzarella) $3.77 Onion Rings $4.72
    Chicken Fingers (4) (Honey Mustard & BBQ $5.66 Buffalo Chicken (4) (Chicken Fingers dipped in Wing Sauce $6.60 Popcorn Chicken (Honey Mustard orBBQ $6.60
    Jumbo Shrimp & Fries (Cocktail Sauce) $7.55 Clam Strips (Tartar Sauce) $5.66 Jalapeno Poppers (5) (Ranch Dressing) $5.66
    Garlic Bread $2.83 Garlic Bread with Cheese $3.77 Open Face French Bread Pizza $3.77
    Steamed Clams $7.55 Fish & Chips $6.60    

    To Our Customers:

    We strive to bring you the highest quality product available. We always buy fresh (Never Frozen) largest chicken wings available; therefore due to the continued fluctuating wing prices we are charging market value.

    We apologize for any inconvenience as we appreciate your continued business.


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    Prices and Menu subject to change without notice